DevOps is a suite of technologies that lets an organization align its development and operations teams in order to improve code quality, integrate continuously, and deliver faster.
Today, IT has become so competitive that you need to deliver high-quality products, in less time. This is the reason why continuous integration tools are so important today. Which explains the presence of DevOps service providers in the industry.

The Challenges
Continuous integration and delivery is the basis of DevOps paradigm, and is a service promise from DevOps service providers like us. Many organizations continue to use manual processes in delivering their software—a tedious, costly process that only hampers the code quality and time to market. After the application goes live, it’s sure to create issues, which then requires a similar time-consuming bug-fixing process.
Why not automate this with the help of a DevOps service provider and make deployment and delivery a continuous process? Reliable, high-quality continuous integration pipelines will make your organization faster and more efficient in embracing challenges. More importantly, professional DevOps service providers know and abide by the Agile philosophy of emphasizing on customer satisfaction.

Why Tek Group?
Tek Group is an experienced DevOps service provider with critical expertise in some industry-leading DevOps tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, Packer, etc.
Our offerings in DevOps include:
- Automated infrastructure provisioning
- Continuous integration and delivery pipelines
- Custom development of dashboards, tools, connectors, and accelerators
- Training and consulting services